Tatev Village in the Annals of History

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St. G. Lusavorich church

Armenian version

In 848, in the eastern side of St. Poghos-Petros church, St. Grigor Lusavorich/Illuminator/ church was built; much smaller with simple structure. It is solitary without pillars and niches. There are three false columns on both northern and southern sides that arches are crutched over them. The church is decorated with rather simple ornaments; the porch adored with fine geometrical wood carvings. The architects didn’t want to build a couple on the church, avoiding to keep  the “power sight” of the main church /St. Poghos –Petros/ in the background. Next to St. G. Lusavorich church stands an arched gallery with vaulted recesses in the south. By the eastern wall the church has semi-circular stage and a table on it.  And in the eastern wall there are cross – shaped and round windows. Also, there are two more large windows in the southern wall, and two narrow ones adjacent to the Hall.

In 1044 the attacks of neighboring principalities caused rather damages for Tatev Monastery; the facilities were ruined, holy treasures of the monastery were robbed and St. G. Lusavorich church was among them. It was the 1046 year when Hovhannes Bishop reconstructed the church on support of Syuniants Smbat B King and finally the church was rebuilt in 1295 thoroughly.


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