Tatev Village in the Annals of History

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Tatev Mets Anapat /cloister/

Armenian Version 

In 1658 a destructive earthquake ruined Syuniants Mets Anapat /Great Cloister/ of Halidzor /also called Harants Anapat/. This natural disaster was a serious reason of building a New Anapat /new cloister/. At the second part of the 16th century Hakob D Jughayetsy decided to build Tatev Mets Anapat /T.M.A. /. It is situated in the Southern-East of Tatev village, on the right bank of Vorotan River, at the foot of Tatev Mountain. After the construction of T.M.A. the monks from Harants Anapat moved into a new residence.

Sometimes these two cloisters /Tatev and Harants/ are mixed up; but in fact, the construction of Tatev Mets Anapat was built in 1660, and Harants Anapat was destroyed of the earthquake in 1658.

In 1663 St. Astvatsatsin church was built in the same building, and in 1682 the Anapat had about 70 monks.  Г –shaped branch of residence was built in 1682 for local monks. It was in 1669, when the founder of T.M.A. Aristakes Priest died and was buried in the chapel-tomb of the church.

A number of constructions were done in the cloister from the second part of 17th century until the first part of 19th century /1711/, three arched church-porch on the Western part of St. Astvatsatsin Church /1743/.

St. Astvatsatsin church is a three-nave basilica with both-side arched roof and is situated in the Southern-west of the complex.

Adjacent to the Southern fence a huge dining-room was built – a roofed hall with strong benches and tables, a rather light building where the monks read the Holy Book before sitting at the table for a dinner based on the regulation of  the Tatev Mets Anapat.

T. M. A. complex is thoroughly separated from external life due to its huge fences; there is no holes in the walls, which is particular to a cloister – retirement, devotion to an ascetic life, confession, seclusion form high life, from the nature.

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