Tatev Village in the Annals of History

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Maybe aerial tramway isn’t a dream

Armenian version

Investment of about 7 million euro 10 months and probably one of the component of three-years program of Tatev Revival will come to life;  Tatev Passenger Aerial Tramway  between Halidzor village & Tatev  Monastery Complex /also village/ in Syunik Region.

We will have 16 kilometer roadway shortened almost three times, and an hour & 30 minutes travel saved twice. Also, an “adventure” travel over the mouth of the gorge will be replaced with an unbelievable flight over the wonderful Vorotan Rive

r in the panorama of picturesque “Tatevyan” nature.

The responsible body of the project implementation certifies that the tramway will be the longest in Armenia after Tsaghkadzor and Dzermuk ones.

The tramway will be available over the year; carriages of 25 passengers will run into two di

rections within 10 minutes breaks.

Other components of the 3-years program;

  • Construction of a hotel in the village of Halidzor,
  • Development of domestic tourism system  in the region as a guarantee of sustainable being of local population,
  • Complete reconstruction of Tatev Monastery Complex, and
  • Revival of scientific-educational traditions of Tatev University from 14-15 centuries.

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