Tatev Village in the Annals of History

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“Wings of Tatev” cableway has over 17,000 passengers in July

YEREVAN. – Over 17,000 passengers, mostly citizens of Armenia, Russia, USA, France and Germany, used the services of “Wings of Tatev” cableway in July. According to the data of a … Continue reading

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Survey on “Tatev Revival”

Dear reader, Please, find time to fill the survey; an opportunity to express your impressions about your visit to Tatev. Survey is available in Armenian, Russian and German Langiages “Tatev village … Continue reading

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…to be AMAZED finally!!

It was interesting and unbelievable for me, how possible to have a lunch next to Tatev Monastery. Maybe our guests couldn’t feel what I was feeling, as it might have … Continue reading

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Sometimes they are mixed up…

Sometimes these two cloisters, Tatev Mets Anapat  and Harants Anapat, are mixed up; but in fact, the construction of Tatev Mets Anapat was built in 1660, and Harants Anapat was … Continue reading

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Let’s use this opportunity…

Dear Reader and Tatevyan people World Wide Web/Internet gives an opportunity each of us to create such web pages, called BLOGs, which is a type of web page, where personal, … Continue reading

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Maybe aerial tramway isn’t a dream

Armenian version Investment of about 7 million euro + 10 months and probably one of the component of three-years program of Tatev Revival will come to life;  Tatev Passenger Aerial Tramway  between … Continue reading

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